My New Addiction BB Cream – My BB Cream Collection Part 1

Greetings 🙂 This is my first post about bb cream, my new addiction!

I first heard about Korean product which is BB cream was around middle April 2010 (yeah I know, bb cream has been in the market for quite some time already haha) while browsing through online forums such as Lowyat (mind you, I’m still quite in lowyat forum teehee), so I started made a research about all the bb cream product and read the reviews made by so many other girls who are into bb cream as well.
Then, I thought why not give it a try, there is no harm in trying so I purchased a sample from a friendly and informative seller from Lowyat and she gave me a sample of jar which is Skin79 Hot Pink. Guess what? Since then, I’m hooked! So next thing you know, I bought a full size of bottle from Korean sellers on Ebay. I even bought other bb cream product for my mother and sister and they love it to bits! (my mother and I do have a sensitive skin but her skin is dry whilst mine is oily).

Check out below.. I posted a collection of my bb creams from that I bought from middle April until early June and most of them are bought straight from Korea from Ebay korean sellers and some of them are used by my mother and sisters 🙂

P/S : I also did a comparison between a fake Skin79 Hot Pink from China and the original Skin79 Hot Pink from Korea. Do check for my next post about it. 🙂

Click on these pictures below for a full view.

Skin79 Missha Dr Jart BRTC

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. - Angie -
    Jun 27, 2010 @ 12:48:53

    I thank you so much for coming back to my alr dead blog. I am really really shocked that you have so much BB cream collection..! You're so lucky to have that much of things! I only have like 3 BBcreams. :X Haha. But How can I help you..? I would like to try Skin79 BB creams and their other things, but currenlty, I think I have too much things so I wont be buying them so soon yet. My eyes rather are attracted towards Nature Republic stuffs. I started uni so I guess I wont have that much time to post things up, but I'll see whenever I can. Sorry for that. I used to read a lot of reviews deno why and I also hated it that the blogger decides to leave the blog empty. Skin79 is one of the best BBcreams yes..? Good for you to have the whole range. Do keep them to your heart! Tell me if you have any major benefits after using them ya! 😀


  2. Rosa Nereida
    Apr 11, 2011 @ 07:12:00

    I wanted to ask you where did you purchase your BB Creams at? I want to buy some but i dont want to buy fake ones either, Thank You


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