Today is my last day.

Ah well… Today is my last day of being 23 🙂
Im turning 24 tomorrow.
Going on 24, thought it might be a good time to stop thinking nonsense and fooling around but to start focusing on my main priorities in life and being more responsible.
This year I am 24 on the 5th of July. I am grateful for everything that I have now and I thank God for the strength and beliefs he has given me in facing obstacles and challenges in my period life of nearly 24 years although sometimes me, myself as a human being tend to doubt my own self whether I able to cope with any of the things.
A quiet day tomorrow as I told my family I just want a quiet birthday dinner with them probably at home or somewhere nearby. Got myself some cool stuff that I like so much and also bought some for them as well. And family and friends are giving me the best present ever. That is, a quite peace of mind for the day! Right now, at the same time.
Planning to make this year a great year and more years to come!

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