Another parcel from Korea on the same day.

I just reached home from taking a fresh air at the amusement park hehe…
Anyways, before I went out, I checked my mailbox and noticed there was a parcel item from Korea (it took about 11 days to reach). Yay! I almost forgotten about this one though. This one I bought especially for my mother who has wrinkle problem. It is called SKIN79 The Oriental Line Cover BB Cream Plus 10g. My mum totally loves it!

Details about it: The Oriental BB Line Cover BB Cream Plus (10g)

KFDA Function Cerfication; Wrinkle Improvement

The cover BB cream cares skin to be firming and healthy with Adenosin and Peptatox Complex improving wrinkles, perfectly and naturally covering skin defects and impurities by covering wrinkles caused by decreasing resilience.
Patent ingredients of Morninga Seed Oil and Oriental Tea Newplex soothe skin from external environment and stress with Algae Extract and Caviar Extract keeping skin hysrated and vital by supplying water and nutrition for skin.
Serum Control Powder keeps skin clean and spledid with its excellent cohesion and persistency perfectly and stably covering skin for a long time.


After applying BB cream, put small amount to where you want to cover and gently tap it with finger.

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