Biscuit Marie Japan + Biscuit Marie Malaysia

Yesterday I went to the Japanese Food section at Jusco Midvalley Kuala Lumpur and saw a biscuit named Marie haha cliche I know since Malaysia also got a biscuit named Marie.

Geez I still remember last time everytime when I mentioned my middle name Marie, the next time when they met me, they usually call me “Hi Biscuit Marie” Aww :p

Anyways, back to the story, I took some pictures of this biscuit which is a product of Japan (duh!), under Morinaga Biscuit Smiles company and it even has a website of it’s own I checked out the website which is full written in Japanese but fortunately Google Chrome as usual did a great job auto translating it.
Here is the detail of it written in Japanese and there is also a comment list box or feedbacks from customers who bought it. I am going to list it down in English.

Mille-feuille of Marie

M + K ‘s arrangement Posts

Easy time arrangements:
Mille-feuille of Marie 2010-05-10 12:32:53

To prepare material
– Marie
– Milk
– Cream
– Granulated Sugar (for fresh)

That’s it away.

Beat in cream Put sugar ①.
 What stands about 7 minutes

Soak in milk a little bit of both Marie ②.
 (Feel instill a little bit lighter.)

Pat ③ (without foil) on
 Marie, cream, Marie, in the order of cream
 Marie across the cream will
 Is your favorite Marie 積Mi上Getara five minutes,
 Spread whipped around like a cake too
 Directly to the freezer.

I made a fresh finalized.

It is hot now, it is perfect for a snack.

Arrange for comments posted

Woman’s hand love 
ー delicious! It was easy

Old Mr. Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, this fresh (maybe because it was butter cream?) + Iki 積Mazu vertically side by side to Marie, or something you care to decorate the violet on boiling cream coated with a sweeping arc from or reminded of. Sure, put the knife at an angle, like it or told me clean out layers. Is anyone on that side, ♪ please try it

Mr. Sami 
So can not wait to harden, so delicious.

Mr. Shin 
Very easy delicious

Mr. swarms 
Looks good! ★ I can easily and quickly
I’ll try ~

Mon’s Flying Squirrel 
If they can put photos in this section, I will enjoy.

I’ll make the perfect snack for a child so


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