As to what I mentioned on my previous post about Elianto, I went to Midvalley just to check on Elianto product since they are currently having sale until up to 70% discount. If I am not mistaken, the sales supposed to be ongoing until 11th July but I guess due to some extends or circumstances, they changed it to end of the month (I did ask the nice employee right after I checked on their BB cream and powder).
So ladies, you still have a chance to grab their items lol! 😛 I saw Elianto bb cream which are Miracle Multiplex BB Cream in Malaysia for oily skin and Miracle White Multiplex BB Cream is for dry skin. I did put all three shades of the Miracle Multiplex BB Cream (shade 01 lighest, shade 02, shade the darkest). At first when I put the shade 01 bb cream on my hand, it appears darker but when I dabbed it on, for a while, it matched my fair skintone.
What I heard about this Elianto product is that it is a product of Korea but it is being made in Taiwan and it is not available in Korea itself.
Miracle Multiplex BB Cream RM49.00 (retail price) and Miracle White Multiplex BB Cream currently have 20% discount.


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