Review On 4U2 DreamGirl Product from USA.

Guess what? Today I went to Watsons Plaza Shah Alam and saw a black cute booth right in front of the cashier counter. It is called 4U2. It is stated from USA. Under the license from Bel Air USA Cosmetics and it even has its own website
I was shocked when I saw the prices of the all the items! Quite cheap I must say.
The good thing is I got the try all since there are Tester for every single that this product has to offer!
First of all, I did try the 3 shades of the powder. it is called 4U2 Lovelight Oil Control Powder retail at only RM13.90 (7g). What I like about it, is that the color shade 02 is fairly light suits for people like me, the first shade is very light or must I say very white? I reckon it is suitable for American women since it is an american brand lol!, the third shade, it is quite light but I am sure fit those from fair to light medium and the 03 shade is for those with medium to medium tan. Oh and I LOVEEEEEEEE the packaging! It is very tiny or tiny, reminds me of one of my small powder that I bought made from Japan! YAY! The mirror is even bigger than the one made in Japan. Another petite powder that I just slip in my pocket wherever I go to.
Next is the eyeliner, it is called 4U2 Sweet EyeLiner 0.2g in black color. The package is just the same like the eyebrow so I got problem differentiate them. The eyeliner is called 4U2 Sweet EyeLiner and retail price at RM9.90 It only comes in 1 color which is Black and it is quite thick though and does not easily smudge.
The Eyebrow is in brown color.. duh! Retail at RM9.90.. The 4U2 Blush does have 3 pink shades retail at RM12.90 if I am not mistaken. The 4U2 Mascara casing or packaging looks so gorgeous in black petite. They have a variety of eyeshadow which are very attractive and I heard many good and positive reviews about 4U2 Eyeshadow.
4U2 DreamGirl also has many color of lipstick. The packaging of 4U2 Lipstick in black is quite similar to one of Revlon lipstick packaging in black that I used to wear back in 2007-2008.
Lastly, I tried on the tester of 4U2 BB Cream which is called 4U2 DreamGirl Faith BB Cream (30ml) retail price at RM12.90. It only comes in 1 color shade. It is very or fairly light. The scent or smell like a baby powder and it is quite runny.

4U2 LoveLight Oil Control Powder RM13.90 7g Shade 01, 02, 03

4U2 Sweet Eye Liner RM9.90 0.2g Black color

4U2 DreamGirl Faith BB Cream RM12.90 30ml 1 shade which is very light.

4U2 Blush Got three pink shades.

4U2 Mascara looks so gorgeous in black petite packaging.

4U2 Eyebrow RM9.90

4U2 Makeup Remover in blue bottle.

4U2 Eye Shadow the packaging is very catchy and attractive.

Once I reached home from Watsons, I straight away did a research review via google about this product.
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