Review on The Hayan BB Cream aka The Hayan Celebrity BB Cream

Last week or last month I mentioned that my mother and sis went to a shop that sells bb cream at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.
Well today I managed to go there, thanks to my mother who dragged me to that shop haha.
The chinese man who owns the shop is quite nice and friendly though. Well, there are many kind of masks selling in that shop and other stuff too. Oh yeah, the BB Cream, it is quite similar to Skin79 Hot Pink, at first glance my mother thought it was the Skin79 because the color of the pump and the bb cream box is pink, but no, it is another Korean bb cream brand called Hayan Celebrity BB Cream.
It stated there “celebrity bb cream” LOL! Good thing is, there are tester for every single item sold there. So I managed to try on the bb cream. When I put it on my hand, the color seems dark, darker than Skin79 Hot Pink. Then after a while, it follows my skintone. The texture is not runny and the coverage is rather light to medium. Quite similar to Skin79 Hot Pink.
Oh yeah, it tends to gloss.. So I bet it is best for you evening outing. It is also surely fit or suitable for those who has dry or combination skin though. The color I think suitable for those light to medium or medium tan. As far as I can remember when I read the details behind the bb cream, it also has whitening effect, SPF 37 and two more things but I cant seem to remember. Anyways it does not have wrinkle effect.

P/S : I have tried google for reviews or for this product official website but I can’t managed to find one.


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  1. Bilha
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 23:07:45

    Hi , i liked your review 🙂
    this bb cream is sold in my country but i dont know if it´s really good , can you put some pictures of the swatches please ? thank you so much


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