New 2010 Version of Skin79 BB Creams

Recently The Skin79 have improved and upgraded their all time top bb creams which new packaging.
Is is the new packaging for the Skin79 Hot Pink and Skin79 Vip Gold BB Cream. Is it still the same price and same volume of 40g.
They improved the bottles into a compact size and slimmer version so it is easy to carry in a purse as to what they claimed. Also, they enhanced vacuum pumping for easy pump and redesigned the certified label of authenticity of the products.
The most good parts that I love about these upgrades are stated below for each BB Cream in summary ways.

Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream.

They upgraded and enhanced the sebum control by strengthening formula for the sebum control ingredients and enhanced the moisture providing ingredients so that it is easy on the skin.

Skin79 Vip Gold Label BB Cream.

They claimed that the skin balancing is more vitality. Same thing like Hot Pink BB Cream, this Vip Gold Label BB Cream also upgraded two ingredients part which are gold, caviar, and swiss almond oil upgraded to high class for you skin, means they enhanced the premium skin care ingredients. Next, the skin texture caring function plus is also upgraded that it presents healthy smooth skin texture with added ingredients that corrects skin balance.

Thats all about the new packaging of 2010 version of Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream and Skin79 Vip Gold BB Cream. For more information details about the packaging, feel free to click on the official site below šŸ™‚


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