More Hauls From USA and UK

Dang, days passed by so fast especially during weekend haha…
Anyways, like I mentioned that the last parcel item that I received was from USA and it is not BB Cream or Makeup.
Well, I have just bought few items from UK and USA on Ebay. And also few items (ok honestly a lot of items and at first I thought that I would only buy less than 5 items but turned out to be 19 items!) from USA via middleman or should I say middle”woman” via for Cosmetic products and tools that are not available in Malaysia, this product is only available until Singapore 😦
Luckily there is a world named Internet to help us all shopaholics! LOL
Geez I am a bit tired after shopping for alllllllll these products online… Till then, nighty night people 🙂


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