Body Lotion – Review on Vaseline Healthy White

Today after I posted a parcel to one of my nice loyal buyer, I was supposed to post out to three other buyers but since the small packet envelopes were sold out so tomorrow, I need to go out early morning to get it at other post office and post  another two parcels.

Anyways, while I was at the pharmacy in Midvalley mall KL, I saw a booth with testers of 4 types of Vaseline bottle. Well I gave it a try on my elbows and hands since it is a body lotion and I must say my skin loves it. It is not sticky, not even oily and the smell scent is lovely. Vaseline has never failed to impress me! My family and I have been loyal to Vaseline brand for a long time because of the effectiveness of the brand and it does suitable for most sensitive skin.

Anyhow, there are 4 types but I will mention it based on the bottle’s colors, there are yellow called Total Moisture for super dry skin, white is for lightening, something for whitening. Green is called Aloe Cool & Fresh and Intensive Rescue that focuses on repairing and also moisturizing. Pink is called Healthy White which has Vitamin B3 that helps to bring out natural fairness of skin. I bought the pink one because it has triple sunscreens to help prevent further darkening caused by the sun and yogurt serum to help provide moisturisation to skin.


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