Review on Korean Eye Mask and Face Mask

Korean Skin Care Nurese Series Eye Mask in Cucumber.

I really like this eye mask, it has 5 flavors to choose from like Aloe Vera, Orange Vitamin C, Cucumber, Chrysanthemum and Green Tea. Detail description for every single flavor can be seen below.

Korean Skin Care Nurese Series Eye Mask.

Aloe Vera

Formulated with aloe juice & liquorice extract by means of up to date biological extraction. The aloe juice works to diminish inflammation, whiten & active & moisturize skin. The liquorice extract helps lock in moisture, refresh & relax skin nicely. Keeps skin healthy & protected.

Effect: Dark circles, fishtail lines & eye fatigue.

Orange Vitamin C

Contain fresh orange, vitamin c, lavender essential oil, & marine biological polysaccharide. Helps relieve skin aging & protect skin around eyes. Leaves skin shiny, healthy & pretty. An ideal eye mask to promote metabolism & blood circulation, relieve fatigue, improve skin texture & enhance skin elasticity.

Effect: Prevent aging, dark circle, eye pouches, eye fatigue & fishtail lines


Formulated with wild cucumber extract, tanshinone, olive oil, vitamin c & serum protein, this eye mask works to whiten, refresh, realx & nourish skin nicely. Helps replenish essential nutrients, remove & prevent fine lines & fishtail lines. Also helps activate skin, smooth over pouches, and relieve eye fatigue, promoting metabolism & blood circulation.

Effect: Eye pouches, dark circles, fishtail lines & eye fatigue.


Contains wild chrysanthemum extract, chrysanthemum pinene & diversified herbal extracts. Modern researches show that, chrysanthemum a sort of herbal “blroad-spectrum antibiotic” that can resist most dermatomyces, staphylococ cus aureus, shigella dysenteiae & influenza viruses. An ideal eye mask to dispel toxins & dark circles, normalize skin’s pH value, & replenish nutrients deeply.

Effect: Skin nourised, exquisite & wrinkle-free around eyes.

Green Tea

Contains green tea extract to resist oxidation, stimulate cellular renewal & refresh skin, removing eye fatigue & swelling ultimately. helps promote blood circulation, relieve pouches & dark circles.

Effect: Skin shiny, revealing vivid contour around eyes

Korean Cettua After Night Fever Soothing Essence Mask.

For face mask, I pretty much love this one! Details as below.

Cettua After Night Fever Soothing Essence Mask

Cettua After Night Fever Soothing Essence Mask is the solution to your tired and exhausted skin! Promotes skin metabolism & blood circulation thus skin refresh and rejuvenate. Contains high concentrated of Witch Hazel, Chamonile, Punica Granatum and Ginkgo extracts, so provide plentiful nutrition and moisture.

How To Use It

  • 1) Tear open the sachet, and take out the mask.
  • 2) Open the mask.
  • 3) Can gently stretch the mask from both left and right side over your entire face. Can use your fingertips to it lightly onto your face, so that it is a close fit with every detail of your face. (eg. the skin beside your nose and mouth).
  • 4) Enjoy the relaxing feel of the mask on your face. Use it for 20-30 minutes, linger if you feel like it.
  • 5) Discard mask after use. Gently massage your face with fingertips until all essence are absorbed.
  • 6) Suggested to use 2-3 times per week, and you can choose to use more in a week depends on your personal needs.Country Of Origin

    Suitable For
    all skin type

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