Revlon PhotoReady Makeup Foundation Hit Malaysia!

Ah well, I have been reading tons of review on Revlon Photo Ready Makeup Foundation and been wanting desperately to try it.

Guess what.. Few days ago I went to Watsons at IOI Mall, Puchong Malaysia and saw the whole range of Revlon PhotoReady including the powders!

Yay! Revlon PhotoReady finally reached Malaysia but I was very disappointed and felt lucky on the same as there were testers for the foundation and the thing is, the lightest shade available for Malaysia is Nude 004 which I tried on was tad darker than my skin tone =(

That is sucks though as I looked for it on the Revlon official website that there 3 lighters tone which is 001 Ivory the lightest, second 002 lightest is Vanilla and 003 Shell…

I have been reading lots of review online for color swatch as I am confused whether Shell or Vanilla should fit my fair skin tone, because the only alternative option for me to opt and grab the lighter shade tone is by buying it online and lucky me, there are currently BOGO sale and also sales on drugstore site but this time I guess I will get it from Ulta instead as the offer is much more wiser! Not bad at all as I can get way cheaper price than the retail price at mall store in West Malaysia 😛

P/S : ❤ Online shopping!



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