Hauls from USA for Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC) product

Hey, today I received a big parcel from USA for Beauty Without Cruelty products A.K.A BWC and it took exacly 8 days only to reach Malaysia =)

This is my first time getting my hands on these product haha!

This brand received tons of high rates and great review for their efficient and effective products

Supposedly I thought of buying them in full size from www.drugstore.com but however, I noticed the price is slightly higher than if you buy them directly from the distributors on www.ebay.com

I know it it does not make sense LOL but what I meant is that the official distributor actually selling the products off on ebay at a lower price and even offer reasonable shipping rate and they offer combined shipping though! Now how cool is that? You can actually communicate with them via Ebay haha…

Okay back to the products story,


I got the Beauty Without Cruelty Oil-Free Facial Moisturizer in full size of 50g, you can actually read the details here, it is good for oily to dry skin and is it 100% vegetarian. (best for combination to oily skin)

BWC Oil-Free Moisturizer

BWC Oil-Free Moisturizer effectively hydrates your skin with light, oil-free plant humectants that replenish balance, and support the skin. Nature’s own organic aloe vera combined with organic aroma-therapeutic essential oils and vital botanical extracts tone, smooth, and protect. Anti-oxidant vitamins help neutralize environmental damage. Light formula that absorbs quickly. To Use: Apply daily as needed to face and decollete.


Beauty Without Cruelty Leave-In Revitalize Conditioner in 250ml for all hair types and also 100% vegetarian.

BWC Leave-In Revitalize Conditioner

BWC Revitalize Leave-in Conditioner maximizes your hair’s lustre, body, and manageability. This light, plant-based recipe provides all-day protection from harsh environmental elements, chemical treatments, and heat styling. Pro-vitamin B-5, biotin, and jojoba combined with organic aroma-therapeutic essential oils of Ylang Ylang and Lavender condition and rejuvenate. Works as an effective, leave-in de-tangler for all hair types, especially chemically-treated. Helps prevent split ends and the frizzies. Will not dull or weigh down your hair. Ideal for everyday use. To Use: Towel dry clean hair. Rub small amount of Leave-in Conditioner between hands. Apply evenly through hair, working from the ends up. LEAVE-IN. Dry or style as usual. For best results, use after any BWC Shampoo and/or Conditioner.


Beauty Without Cruelty Balancing Facial Toner in 150ml and suitable for all skin types. It is also 100% vegetarian. (best for combination to oily skin)

BWC Balancing Facial Toner

BWC Balancing Facial Toner refreshes, hydrates, and conditions your skin. Nature”s botanicals correctly balance your skin after cleansing, preparing it for BWC moisturizers. Organic aroma-therapeutic essential oils, herbal extracts, and natural humectants gently tone and nurture your skin for a healthy complexion. This special plant-based recipe is refreshing, light, and never drying. Great for use after make-up removal. Ideal for all skin types. To Use: After cleansing, dampen a cotton pad or soft cloth with toner and gently wipe face and neck.


This is the official website plus you can read the complete details stated there for every single items plus with a price too =) http://www.beautywithoutcruelty.com/

P/S : Details taken from Beauty Without Cruelty official website “Customized for your specific needs, Beauty Without Cruelty has developed three complete skin care regimes for Normal, Oil-prone and Mature skin types. These all-natural formulas are made with pure essential oils from flowers, herbs & spices. The remarkable benefits of aromatherapy work synergistically to balance and beautify your skin and hair. NO ANIMAL TESTING – NO ANIMAL INGREDIENTS – SINCE 1963”

Reviews by users of the products on www.makeupalley.com





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