Review on Eco Tools Brushes

I am a proud user and owner of so many ecotools brushes.. I am so in love with them after trying so many brushes and I kept coming back using them! YES its DARN good and SUPER soft, and the brush does not shed like other some brands brushes even after you washed it and have it for more than a year and it does not scratch your face because of softness~ (based on own experience) xD.. you wouldnt regret buying it!

Ecotools Bamboo 5 Pieces Brush Set (Mineral Makeup), Ecotools Powder Brush, Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer Brush and Ecotools Retractable Kabuki Brush


To me, both of these Eco tools Bamboo Bronzer Brush and Eco tools Retractable Kabuki Brush are quite good for multi tasking, meaning to say, you are not limited for using this to apply bronzer only. You can use it for pressed or loose powder as well. Eco tools Bamboo Powder Brush is really great for applying pressed and looser powder, even mineral foundation. For Eco tools Bamboo 5 Pieces Brush Set (Mineral Makeup) and Eco tools Retractable Kabuki Brush, they are good for traveling too!

P/S : Do check out for their reviews on for more reviews from other users from whole around the world.



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