SKIN79 The Oriental Perfect Cover BB Cream (10g) = RM30 free pos express / posdaftar postage within malaysia. HOT OFFER SALE as limited quantity as it is Ready Stock items!


The cover BB naturally and neatly conceals speckles and defects caused by stress and UV rays. Can be used to brighten and conceal dark circles, further even out skin unevenness from prominent pores, and lighten and conceal the appearance of rashes and pimple redness giving your skin a even more flawless look.

The oriental tea blending ingredients including White Tea, Green Tea, and Black Tea keeps skin revitalized while Nano Vita Silk, a patent ingredient containing Silk Amino Acid and Vitamins keep skin healthy by delivering effective ingredients.

1. Covers skin defects perfectly A cover BB cream that covers speckles and other skin defects effectively and perfectly

Light feeling of usage, conceals skin defects effectively for a long time.

2. Expresses your skin with your own natural skin tone

The defective area does not show up and uses your skin tone to makeup; thus making it natural.

As it is a color that goes naturally with the skin tone, if you need a covering makeup, put this on your face smoothly.

3. Upgraded to be a long lasting cover BB with more feeling of moisture

Has extracts of white tea, green tea, black tea that helps you maintain the moisture.

The moist feeling of usage makes using the makeup more comfortable.

Directions: After applying BB cream put small amount to where you want to cover and gently tap it with finger. Retouch on areas that need more distribution.

* Usage:

Dark circle under the eyes : Apply a small amount to the eyes, the makeup will not crack.

Pores around the nose : Hides the pores concentrated on the bridge of the nose and the dark reddish skin tone under the nose.

Acne marks : If you spread the cream on the place you wish to hide, it will do the job.

Open pores around the cheek : Fills up the uneven parts in your skin, making it look even.

* To cover the skin trouble perfectly, apply multiple times in small amounts.

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  1. Trudi Schaller
    Dec 11, 2010 @ 03:44:46

    I think your rss feed is broken, please fix!


  2. Monex
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 19:13:45

    ……Pick a body function.Ankle Sprain.Bad Breath.Belches and Farts.Dandruff.Ear Wax.Eye Gunk.Funnybone.Gurgling Stomach.Hiccups.Pee.Poop.Scabs Pus.Snot.Spit.Stinky Pits.Vomit.Zits…………Choose a body system.The Brain.Cardiovascular System.Digestive System.Endocrine.Hair.Muscular System.Nervous System.Respiratory System.Sense of Sight.Skeletal System.Skin.Sense of Smell.Urinary System……… It keeps germs and water OUT unless you have a break in your skin and keeps…. In fact every minute 30 000-40 000 dead skin cells fall from your body!


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