DRJART Acne-X Clarifying Toner (150ml)


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Product Description :


Low Irritating Trouble Treatment Care.

Trouble treating toner with control of oil and water balance and skin resistance.


Removes Sebum and Dead Cells, and Cares Pores :

Prevents skin trouble.

Relax troubled skin gradualy without any irritaion.


How to Use :

1. Wash face with Acne-X Liquid Foam

2. Pour adequate amount of toner on the cotton pad.

3. Wipe face thoroughly. Avoid eyes and lips.

More than just a toner :

Powerful trouble caring ingredient, Selemix AN, effectively works on trouble causing factors. An ideal toner for dealing with the trouble causes without irritation.


Sebum control + pore care + dead cell care :

Increases skin resistance by controlling the balance of oil and water for the skin. Regulates excess sebum and removes dead cells protection from trouble causing factors.


Refreshing finish :

Absorbs fast with refreshing feeling without stickiness.


Make tired skin moist and soft :

From the first step of basic care, make tired skin from troubles moist and soft skin texture.


How to use :

After using ACNEX Liquid Foam, put proper amount onto the cotton pad. apply to the entire face avoiding eye areas as if wiping off.


Main Ingredient :

Selemix AN : Intensive trouble care

Triethanolamine, Salicylic Acid : Soothing trouble

Witch Hazel : Caring pore

Camphor  : Calming trouble

Portulaca oleraces extract : Soothing skin







For more information from official website can be view here @


Product Characteristics :


Cleansing, Trouble Care & Pore Care.

Low Irritating Liquid Foam – Face Wash.

Provides moisture and nutrition for troubled skin.

Protects your skin from frequent washing.


How to Use :

Splash face with warm water to moisten skin. Apply adequate amount of cleanser to fingertips and apply in a circular motion to face and throat to gently exfoliate. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.


Keeps moisture and get rids of troubles with 5.5 pH.

Low acidity allows for moistness without dryness.


Low acidic liquid cleanser with no irritation :

Mild liquid foam cleanser with pH of 5.5 which is very similar to pH of our skin, it is safe to use on the most sensitive skin and has no irritation.


Acts on troubles from washing stage :

Controls sebum and cares troubles with Sophora angustifolia root extract, Portulaca oleraces extract, and Selemix AN prevent trouble causing factors.


Keeps moisture in the skin for moistness :

Keeps moisture for extra dry and troubled skin types. Maintains moisturized condition with light and soft finish.


Removes skin wastes and dead cells in the pores :

Papaya extract, effective for removing dead cells, gets rid of skin wastes in the pores. Daily use will make the skin texture clean and smooth putting worries away.


How to use :

1. Make bubbles by rubbing hands for day and night use.

2. Massage the face for a minute with plenty bubbles then wash off with warm water


Main Ingredients :

Selemix AN : Intensive trouble care

Sophora angustifolia root extract : Caring trouble

Papaya extract : Caring dead-skin cell

Portulaca oleraces extract : Control sebum







For more information from official website can be view here @


Product Characteristics :


Takes care of the trouble on your skin.

Trouble-treating gel for soothing troubles fast and works on the roots of troubles.


Easy to Use, Works on Pimples and Protect Your Skin.

Takes care of the trouble on your skin. Also, it provides low irritating, and prevents the repeat of the trouble.


How to Use :

1. Turn the top counter-clockwise as shown in the picture below.

2. After following toner, apply on the spot by pushing the button.

3. Turn the top clockwise to close.

4. You will get better effect if you use after using Acne-X Spot Out.


Works fast on troubles :

Using trouble-treating gel to will make pimples and troubles to go away fast and effectively.


Gets down to the root of the troubles :

Synergy effect from Selemix AN and natural ingredients sooth troubles fast working directly on the cause of troubles.


Protects skin from external irritation :

Controls and manages sebum and clogged pores. Relives troubles with fast acting ingredients. Forms protective layer on top of the skin to keep pollutants away.


Easy to carry and use :

Can be applied without using hands on the contents making it hygiene and carried anywhere due to its compact size. Frequent use will maximize results before or even after makeup.


How to use :

Turn the nob to the right then push down to use. Apply to troubled areas. turn the nob to the left when finished.


Main Ingredients :

Selemix AN : Intensive trouble care

Camphor : Soothing trouble

Rhus semialatu extract : Control sebum

Aloe vera extract : Calming skin

Beta-Glucan : Caring sensitive skin







For more information from official website can be view here @


Product Characteristics :


Ultra Light, Oil-Free Moisturizing Cream.

Presents moisturizing and trouble soothing effects without oily application.


This ultra light, oil-free moisturizer leaves skin perfectly hydrated every day without any residue. Skin is soothed, softened, renewed and protected with Selemix AN.


Creates a barrier against acnecausing agents. Helps control excess oil. Calms, soothes and reduces redness.


How to Use :

1. At the last step of basic care, scoop adequate amount with the stick as shown in the picture.

2. Apply on entire or the spot you feel dry, and tap lightly.


Suitable for : sensitive, dry, and trouble skin


Trouble care and skin protection :

The last step for soothing the troubles. Protects the skin from harmful environments and sever pimples and other troubles.


Calms down sensitized skin :

Selemix AN focuses on caring the troubled areas and maintains dry skin moist and comfortable.


Fresh application :

Absorbs deep into the skin without stickiness for refreshing finish.

Able to use on sensitive and normal skin.


Delivers nutrition and moisture without oily feeling :

Increases skim immunity by delivering moisture and nutrition forming a protective layer on the skin without oily complexion.


How to use :

At the last stage of base makeup, put small amount over the entire or where feel soft and gently tap to absorb.


Main Ingredients :

Selemix AN : Intensive trouble skin

Triethanolamine, Salicylic Acid : Calming trouble

Centella asiatica extract: : Caring trouble

Witch Hazel : Caring pore

Portulaca oleraces extract : Soothing & Moisturizing

Beta-Glucan : Caring sensitive skin



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