HUGE HAULS! Plus, My Seventh Hauls Of ELF USA.

Today whilst on the way home, my sister send me a text message saying I received 6-7 parcels (4 boxes and 2 small package).

Once I reached home, I can see my mum and both sisters were excited as well because as usual this means there are stuff bought for them whether it be from Korea or USA 😀

I gotten two parcels for hauls of E.L.F USA, one parcel of DRJART, two parcels of BRTC Korea, one parcel of Zamian Korea and another parcel for Smashbox USA.

I bought the ELF products as usual, during the half price huge discount sales haha.

By the way,  I received one local parcel from a sweet lady, I bought it second hand from her which is an item that I have been dying to get my hands own but always out of stock or ELF sent me different items instead, lol. Back to the story, this lady bubble wrapped the item safely to make sure I get it in good condition. Besides that, she even gave me a thank you note for following her blog and attached a gift which is ELF Element Compact W/ Mirror which I never own before and actually wanted too hehe! I am really happy and I even told my mum and sisters about how kind and nice this lady is! I am grateful I bought the item from her! If any of you are wondering which blog of hers, well check it out at

I am enjoying myself just to read her blog posts so do follow if you enjoy makeup as much as we both do 🙂


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