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Lioele Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base (color Pink or Gold)–2566136_2566191.html

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Description :

It contains pearl effective for bright and shine face.

As a upgrade product of makeup base, it is helpful to control moisture balance and keep your skin moderately wet .

You can make style of water shining make up .

Usage : Apply after final stage of skin care ,by tapping an appropriate amount to the skin to be absorbed.

Capacity : 30ml

Lioele Real Color EyeShadow (color #4 Brown, #5 Gray, #7 Peach Pink, #9 Khaki)–2566136_4158155.html

Description :

Lioele Real Color Eye Shadow

Creamy eye shadow containing subtle amounts of pearl to smoothly covers thin wrinkles. A quick touch of it will add an amazing color to your eyes, making additional application unnecessary. You will enhance your eyes with the subtle colors to emphasize the eye zone.

Color available : color #4 Brown, #5 Gray, #7 Peach Pink, #9 Khaki

Lioele Sun Elastic Powder Pact SPF26 (color #21 Nude Beige or #23 Natural Beige)–2566136_2566149.html

Description :

Soft elasticity like sponge is similar to elasticity of your skin so as to enhance adherence to your skin.

The elastic powder with sebum control effects produces a dry and soft skin all day long, and double coating with silicon and amino acid on highly particulate powder enables fine and thin application of it to your skin without any powder flying.

This maintains smooth skin like silk by adding a feel of dim pearl and is a pact that is not broken by absorbing shocks even if it is thrown.

Usage : Pick a proper amounts of it using puff, spread and apply it softly like tapping from the inside of your face to the outside, and apply it like pressing it carefully to the parts with bends.

Capacity : 12g

Lioele Marbling Blusher (color #02 Shining Lovely Pink)–2566136_2566216.html

Description :

This blusher is made by Terra cotta process which is baked on a special oven as cookie.

This process presents transparency, blooming coloration and gorgeous pearl and also presents natural watery effect by using multi lightening pearl.

By including fitting powder and moisture oil, it softly spreads on skin and the color of blusher last long with great pearl fitting effect.

It is blusher , the shape is similar with cookie that was made by Specialized oven with terracotta method.

Terracotta method can make transparent color, smooth brilliance by Multi lightening pearl

Usage : Apply proper amounts of it by brush at the last step of make up.

Capacity : 14g

Lioele Artist Auto Eyebrow Pencil (color #1 Natural Brown, #2 Dark Brown, #3 Gray Black)–2566136_3368539.html

Description :

How to use :

Draw your eyebrow with triangular core as you want, then finish eyebrow shading with opposite brush.



Lioele 3D Jewel Cheek & Highlighter–2566136_3645888.html

Description :

This 3D Jewel Cheek & Highlighter contains cheek and highlighter all in one package. This product helps to make your face appear shiny and cubic.


The various colors of the ball-shaped cheek-blusher helps to present your cheek as a lovely cool tone of pink to compliment your natural Asian skin tone.


Your skin can appear shiny and cubical with the 6 soft pastel colors.

– Supply Gloss to Skin

– Cubic Effect of Highlighter

– Soft and Silky Feeling

– Control of Sebum

– Multi-Color Blusher

– Lovely Baby Pink

– Soft Perfume

– Cubic Ball Type Cheek

Lioele Dollish Mascara

Description :

A unique silicon spiral brush effectively separates excessively curly lashes as it lengthens.




Removes easily.

1. Benefits

– A unique silicon spiral brush effectively separates

excessively curly lashes as it lengthens.

– Water-resistant

– Non-flaking and smudge-resistant

– Removes easily

2 . Result

Minimum effort for maximum effect

3. How to use

Turn the black cap of the brush to adjust brush length then, you can create the look you desired for.

Lengthens, Curls  with short brush.

Volume and doll eye lash with long brush.

Size : 5ml

Lioele Blooming Face Powder (color #Violet)

Description :

Contain porous-cellulose fine powder particles and sebum-holding powder, it helps to prevent your makeup from caking or coming off against sweat, sebum or moisture, keep you skin soft.

Self-light emitting glossy makeup The formula of fine powder particles full of silky, soft, supple and moisturized feelings gives skin natural vitality and glossiness, creating glossy makeup.

It also lightly adheres to skin, leaving it transparent and splendid.

Lioele Dollish Lipstick (color #1 Apricot Beige, #2 Nudy Coral, #3 Baby Peach, #4 Flower Pink, #5 Baby Pink, #6 G. Nudie Pink, #7 Elegance Rose, #8 Maple Brown)

Description :

Benefits :

– These lipsticks contain a unique blend of emollients designed to retain moisture in your lips.

– Their long-lasting textures and rich hues complement any skin tone, leaving your lips healthy and supple.

Size : 4g

Lioele 3D Enamel Lipgloss (color #1 Tangerine Peach, #2 Smoky Beige, #3 Dreaming Pink, #4 Rosy Pink)

Description :

Gives vitality to your lips

Shiny enamel without Pearl

Vivid color beyond lipstick

Exceeded the limits of lip gloss

Enamel gloss such as Crystal

Not artificially, Abundantly expressed colors

Gives Moist

Grape seed oil, Vitamin E – Smooth and Moist lips

Highly enriched color base such as lipstick

Fluid Gel type

Light and not sticky : Hair and dust will not stick to your lips

How to use :

1. Express lip line with a tip brush.

2. Fill it on the inside lips to present your lips thicker.

Size : 4.5ml

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