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Random stuff.

Few more hours until my birthday Yay! 🙂 I wonder why I feel a lot older than I really am, like Im 42 instead of 24 hahaha!
Anyways, today was quite hectic as I was out and about the whole day. Just managed to post a new blog since I have just reached home. Well, as to what I mentioned before in my previous post about Guardian is on sale for BB Cream such as Natina and Heme brands. Now currently there is an ongoing sale promotion for the same BB Cream Brands at the Watsons Midvalley Megamall Kuala Lumpur (KL). As we all know, there is also a well-known top brand like BRTC selling at Watsons and currently on sale promotion too. I did manage to take a lot and took some brochures though. Too bad that they do not sell or own the new BRTC BB Cream like the one that I bought online directly from Singapore which is called BRTC Blemish Recover Balm. Looks like I would still have to buy it online, same goes to Skin79 too since the current outlet at shopping malls that sell Skin79 brand are twice or triple expensive than the price that you can get from online like from Ebay or 🙂

My BB Cream Collection Part 4

Today I slept around 6am but got up at 11am because I received my parcel from Korea and tried to go to back to sleep but I have always had hard time going back to sleep though no matter how exhausted I still am.

More items from BB Cream Skin79 brand range. Yummy~

Skin79 Missha Dr Jart DrJart BRTC

My BB Cream Collection Part 3

Hello again!
I just got back from Island state after visited my brother who works there. I noticed there are a few BB Cream brand currently on sale promotion selling at Guardian Gurney Penang Island such as Natina and Heme brand (The ambassadors for the Heme BB Cream brand are from S.H.E singer group). Now how cool is that? 🙂

Anyways, today I finally received my parcel items from Singapore which I bought directly online last month because the BB Creams price offered in that website are very reasonable and quite cheap too. Furthermore, during that time, there are a lot of freebies / freebies if you buy items more than 50SGD or 100SGD 😀 Well this time, I add on new brand to my BB Cream Collection which are BRTC and DrJart 😀

P/S : Love the free gift 😛 (Yeah I know Im such a sucker for BB Cream LOL!)

Skin79 Missha Dr Jart DrJart BRTC

My BB Cream Collection Part 2

Today I received two parcels, means more items added to my BB Cream Collection. One of the parcel which I bought from Ebay seller is from Korea and it took only 5 days to reach here. Another parcel is from Malaysian seller via Lowyat site using poslaju.

Above is the item from Korean seller and below is from Malaysian seller while the bottom pictures is my bb cream collection part 2 with added new items 🙂

I bought the items from this friendly and nice malaysianseller on Lowyat site. You can find her here 🙂 ebeauty
For korean sellers, I have a few where they are also nice, kind and friendly and give quick responses to questions too! Just ask me if you want to know 🙂

P/S : There is currently a Skin79 product promotion booth at Midvalley Megamall Kuala Lumpur (KL). I was given a brochure of it and I noticed that it is the same company that owns an outlet called Korea Beauty Square at Queensbay shopping mall, Penang as to what stated in the brochure. I did took pictures of the outlet in whilst I was in Penang last month and I will post them up along with the brochure I got from Midvalley KL. Stay tuned!

Skin79 Missha Dr Jart DrJart BRTC

My New Addiction BB Cream – My BB Cream Collection Part 1

Greetings 🙂 This is my first post about bb cream, my new addiction!

I first heard about Korean product which is BB cream was around middle April 2010 (yeah I know, bb cream has been in the market for quite some time already haha) while browsing through online forums such as Lowyat (mind you, I’m still quite in lowyat forum teehee), so I started made a research about all the bb cream product and read the reviews made by so many other girls who are into bb cream as well.
Then, I thought why not give it a try, there is no harm in trying so I purchased a sample from a friendly and informative seller from Lowyat and she gave me a sample of jar which is Skin79 Hot Pink. Guess what? Since then, I’m hooked! So next thing you know, I bought a full size of bottle from Korean sellers on Ebay. I even bought other bb cream product for my mother and sister and they love it to bits! (my mother and I do have a sensitive skin but her skin is dry whilst mine is oily).

Check out below.. I posted a collection of my bb creams from that I bought from middle April until early June and most of them are bought straight from Korea from Ebay korean sellers and some of them are used by my mother and sisters 🙂

P/S : I also did a comparison between a fake Skin79 Hot Pink from China and the original Skin79 Hot Pink from Korea. Do check for my next post about it. 🙂

Click on these pictures below for a full view.

Skin79 Missha Dr Jart BRTC

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